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Life does not bless us all with the drool worthy hair naturally. Sometimes, we need a little help. Whether you are facing health related hair lost, post partum hair loss, or are simply a fine hair beauty, extensions can be the solution that you are looking for.

What is hand tied? 

Hand tied refers to the way the extensions are produced. Natural human hair that has been responsibly sourced that is physically sewn together by hand. 

How does hand tied beaded row installation differ from other methods?

Small beads are placed in the under layers of your hair creating an undetectable and natural looking foundation for the hand tied wefts of hair to be sewn in and attached. 

Is this comfortable?

When wefts of hair are installed by a certified and trained professional many factors are taken into account. The density of your natural hair and the desired length of your extensions will help your professional to decide the best installation plan for you. If this is done properly your extensions should feel comfortable to wear up or down. We will discuss your care plan that will lead you to comfortable, healthy and successful long term wear. 

What is the maintenance?

Typical maintenance requires a 8-11 week schedule to move up your rows as your natural hair grows out. 

Who would be the best candidate for this method?

Clients who are not satisfied with the length or density of their current hair. This could be for many reasons. Some of the most common situations:
- naturally fine or thin textured hair
- postpartum hair loss
- hair loss contributed to medical treatments or surgery
- damaged or compromised hair that has broken off due to over processing 
- hair that doesn't grow past a certain length
-OR you just simply want to be a GODDESS

What is my investment?

Maintaining the health of your hair is always priority, this is why I chose to use the highest quality of hair from my preferred distributer that meets the clients individual need. This is a luxury service and your initial purchase is a small investment. Properly cared for hair can be reused on average 12 months. Maintenance takes place every 8-10 weeks. Maintenance services start at $200. This includes removal, wash and blowout and reinstallation. Any color services will be additional. 

How do I get started?

First we schedule a consultation. During this consultation we will discuss your end goal, which length of hair will be best for your hair goal and your budget, as well as your aftercare routine. A 50% deposit will then be required, your hair will be ordered and we schedule your install appointment!

Sound great, awesome! Can't wait to change your relationship with your hair!

Still on the fence? Ask me questions! This may not be a service for everyone. I will be honest and give you my professional opinion if this is best for you.

Cant wait to meet you in my chair!

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