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This is a subject we sometimes struggle to talk about, hair loss in woman. While we are not doctors, as stylists we do see many different factors that can contribute. Illness, hormonal changes, elevated stress, surgery and anesthesia can be the culprit. If we notice a change in your hair density we will always refer you to speak to your health care provider. What we can offer is scalp and hair loss treatments and systems to support a healthy scalp, cell regeneration and new growth. 

If you need a more immediate solution, I am certified in Micro Lines hair pieces.

 What is Micro Lines? 

The MicroLines method integrates a micro-fine, virtually “invisible” hair net into the client’s existing hair. A special Bonding ring, made from a special crystal polymer material, is gently and durably worked into the client’s hair. The MicroLines have high-grade human hair attached to them, which matches the client’s own hair in color and length. This is how natural volume is added to the client’s hair in the crown area. 

Is this comfortable?

When installed properly by a certified Hair Dreams Micro Lines professional comfortability as well and hair health are top priority. 

What is the maintenance?

The MicroLines lasts approx. 6-8 months with mini maintenances every 2-4 weeks and a full maintenance appointment at 6. 

Who would be the best candidate for this method?

Clients who are noticibly thin on top and/or through their crown area. Some of the most common situations:
- naturally fine or thin textured hair
- postpartum hair loss
- hair loss contributed to medical treatments or surgery
- damaged or compromised hair that has broken off due to over processing 

What is my investment?

Hair pieces start at $1500 and are custom made to your hair pattern, length, color and need. 

How do I get started?

First we schedule a consultation. During this consultation we will discuss your end goal, which length of hair will be best for your hair goal and your budget, as well as your aftercare routine. A 50% deposit will then be required, your hair piece will be ordered and we schedule your install appointment!

Still on the fence? Ask me questions! I will be honest and give you my professional opinion if this is best for you.

Cant wait to meet you in my chair!