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Welcome! I'm Steph,  an organic salon owner and clean beauty pro based out of Corning, NY.


I was born and raised in the Finger Lakes region and am proud to call myself a local. While I have done many things in my 20 year career the one thing that hasn't changed is my love for my clients. 

Our world has changed and fast paced is the new normal. When my clients are in my chair I want them to take that moment for themselves. To put work on pause, to relax, breath, let the stress melt away, to give themselves some



I pride myself in giving each client the most relaxing, genuine, personal experience making sure their comfort and wellness is my priority. My goal is for them to leave their visit not only beautiful in body but also in soul.  


 It is extremely important to me that I am providing my guest with the best natural options, choosing to exclusively offer organic and vegan color and products.


When you visit our salon, Grace Holistic Beauty and Wellness, you will find that the way we discuss your challenges, create a longterm plan and execute your service is

completely different than anything you’ve ever experienced before. We incorporate wellness practices, relaxation techniques and aroma therapy into every visit.


I'm a small town girl who loves to laugh, share stories and truly connect with clients. If you are looking for a new kind of service and the healthiest hair of your life, come feed your soul in our beautiful historic space.

Let's get to know each other!
Let me share with  you some fun facts about me
Fact #1
I am such a nerd. Although I have  a creative career I also like black and white concepts. I need spreadsheets and numbers. I crave pretty stationary to hand write my lists and to do's. I am most at peace when everything is in its place, including my foil placement!! Come with a good book recommendation and we can compare notes. Thriller and mystery is my thang. I don't mind an occasional inspirational read either. Racheal Hollis helped me find my truth!
Fact #2
I. LOVE. COFFEE. I feel most stylists can relate. At home it's Tim Horton's dark roast (because my Canadian husband converted me) with plain ole milk and sugar.  It is my fuel and I cannot function without it (spoken like a true addict!) Luckily my cute little city of Corning, NY has some amazing roasters. You can usually find me at Soulful Cup. Check em out!
Fact #3
A close 2nd to coffee is weddings. I love weddings and formal styling. The excitement and  anticipation of the day has a vibe like no other. This is where my creativity really kicks in. Fortunately, I live in Finger Lakes wine country with amazing landscapes and event venues offering many opportunities to work with brides. I lead an amazingly talented team of wedding specialists at Bliss Beauty Collective. You can find our work on Pinterest, Wedding Wire, the Knot and Hair comes the Bride.
Fact #4
Laughing is my medicine. I know it sounds like it's straight from an inspirational coffee mug. I get through our chaotic life with humor. Trust me, your experience in my chair will be accompanied by my version of HBO comedy Series Steph, crazy working mother and step mother of 6! Lots of kids and hysterical stories about each. Thank goodness I have an amazing husband who helps me keep my sanity as we navigate through the stages.
Fact #5
I am an education junky. My mind doesn't shutoff and needs to be challenged. At 28 I went back to college to finish my Bachelors in business and marketing while working full time behind the chair. It was something I needed to prove that I could do. Now, I spend my time soaking up all of the amazing industry artist content through social media and live classes. I attend a few workshops a year building my skill set and learning new techniques. I am a certified beaded weft extension stylist, Micro Lines hair loss solutions trained, and a member of the holistic hair tribe using all organic and vegan products. Stay tuned because I always have something new and exciting I'm learning!!
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Fact #6
I owned a salon right out of hair school. I know, crazy. While life got busy and I chose to leave ownership to dedicate time to my family, I knew that my love for mentoring young stylists would always put me here again. After years of planning I am finally able to open a beautiful new space! Check out my organic based beauty boutique on Market St. in Corning! Grace Holistic Beauty & Wellness is my new salon home as of 2022.
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