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  • Stephanie O'Sullivan

Aging with Grace

As 2022 winds down, along with my 30’s coming to a close, I find myself evolving. I am also making some promises, not just resolutions, to myself and my health.

More and more of my clients, friends, family and myself are all experiencing the same changes. Hair loss, covid or hormonal, poor sleep, crazy anxiety and self diagnosed ADD. Just overstressed overstimulated all of the time.

I made a HUGE transition this year opening a new CLEAN 🌿 organic based salon. We are just starting to get traction with a full team freshly trained in the most natural, holistic techniques in hair, body and skin care. This is something I truly believe will make a difference in every clients life as well as my team in house. I have noticed the positive effects to my skin, hair and hands working with less toxic ingredients. I may even have finger prints again! (IYKYK😏). My clients can’t believe how much shine and how much softer their hair is becoming. I feel like I am making a difference to mine and others health and those who have followed me in my change will agree.

If you are experiencing any of these “symptoms” I urge you to see us @graceholisticbeautywellness and see how we can help you make the change.

We will be beginning a new non-toxic “Aging with Grace” series 2023. With this we will be offering non-toxic alternatives to our current favorite anti-aging 💉or maintenance services. (Curious??? YOU JUST WAIT) make sure you are following our business page and checking back here frequently!

We will be kicking off the first week of January hosting a open wellness workshop with @a_rae_of_wellness. She will be giving us useful information on how to detox and balance hormones with food and lifestyle choices. Mark your calendars for January 7th, more info to come!🗓️

Im new to blogging but usually very long winded with info and topics of health related beauty. Follow me as I forge the unknown and hopefully help some of you who may be in the same boat as me along the way.

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